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Romantic rain sequence in ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’

There is an upcoming rain sequence in the show shot between them for which these actors had to shoot in cold temperatures.

Sony’s ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’ is nowadays weaving a lovely track between the leads Kritika Kamra and Vivan Bhatena. There is an upcoming rain sequence in the show shot between them for which these actors had to shoot in cold temperatures.

The tall, handsome Vivan had to shoot for the rain sequence with pretty actress Kritika but this beautiful scene between the lead actors was bit difficult to shoot as Vivan explains, “We shot a rain sequence last night which went on for 6-7 hours but the temperature was 22 degrees so it was biting cold which did dampen the excitement a bit.”

However, the cold climate could not succeed in hampering the shooting as even in such conditions the cast and crew shot the wet scene. “Already there was artificial rain and then they were also using storm fans so it was tough. Kritika was shivering and whenever there was a break we would stand near a pot full of hot coals and under the lights to get warm. It was tough, but we did it.”

Did such shooting conditions affect his health? “Yes, a bit. I have been coughing since then but its ok as the audience quite likes the show and the TRPs have improved so our efforts are showing fruits.”

Well, remember the saying ‘Hard work always pays!’ similarly lets hope all the efforts will be successful.

Reporter and Author: Chandana H Buch
Interview From: Telly Cafe

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‘I buy anything!’ – Kritika Kamra

Kritika Kamra, one of television’s sweethearts, talks on how she likes to keep it simple yet exceptional…

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a lifestyle. Something that’s peculiar to yourself.
Fashion is bringing out your own way.

Which is the one dress that can never go out of fashion?
The lil’ black dress

Your favorite designer
Manish Arora

Favorite perfume
Black Rose by Valentino

Favorite line of bags and shoes
I pick up anything I like when it comes to bags and shoes. So no particular line.

Do you prefer make-up or being without it?
I’m sort of in the middle. Because I don’t like to be plain but at the same time heavy make-up is a big no-no. So I guess you can I’m a kaajal(kohl) and lip -gloss person.

Which brand of make-up do you usually favor?
M. A. C

Your favorite fashion destination?
For couture Milan and for street shopping Bangkok

Malls or Stalls?
I really don’t care. All of my denims are branded because they give you a nice fit. Other than that I buy anything!

What do you do on a bad hair day?
I tie my hair into a French knot.

The accessories that you usually prefer…
Chunky silver jewellery. Any one piece of it.

Do you feel the electronic gadgets we carry reflect our style statement?
Not really. I’m an old school person when it comes to that.

Who do you feel is the most influential trendsetter at present?
Sonam Kapoor and also Kareena Kapoor.

Who is your style icon?
I am my style icon.

The hottest color this season…
Black is always hot. Apart from that cobalt blue.

Do you take fashion advice from others or you follow your own instincts?
I trust my own instincts but also follow some general tips put out on girls’ magazines.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose
Interview From: India Forums

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Kritika’s Obsession with Kaajal

Kritika Kamra swears she cannot leave home without wearing kaajal…

Kritika Kamra is one actor who is a loyal fan of kaajal- one of the most ancient and natural eye make-up for girls.

Kritika tells us, “Right since my childhood I’ve been wearing kaajal. I don’t remember a day that I’ve gone to school or even stepped out of my house without it (smiles).”

But why this close association with it? She says, “I don’t know. Maybe because I look sad without it?”

Kritika it seems is a lover of traditional Indian fashion. She also is an ardent admirer of saris. Says kritika, “Saris are something that’s eternal. They just can’t go out of fashion.”

Apparently she has a favorite style of wearing it too. She says, “I love the way Bengali’s wear it!”

Well, we guess Kritika will look gorgeous in every attire probably sans the kaajal too…

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose
Interview From: India Forums

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Pyaar Ka Bandhan changes track

She will make me realise that beauty is more than skin deep. She will bring in many changes in me and even I will help her realise that there is more to life than just working…

Balaji’s newly launched show Pyaar Ka Bandhan on Sony is doing well for the channel. But in times to come there will be some major changes in the on-going track.

The recently introduced new love triangle track between Shashank, Prateeksha and Sumo has gone down well with the viewers. In fact as soon as this love triangle was introduced, the show managed to get more viewers. Shashank and Prateeksha look good with each other and now Shashank who was roped in as Araina’s love interest will be paired with Prateeksha.

We had earlier reported that actor Vivan Bhatena playing Shashank will be paired opposite Lavanya Tripathi, who plays Araina the youngest of all the four siblings. Balaji was still hunting for the lead opposite Kritika at that time.

But now if sources are to be believed the makers have changed the track and Shashank will be paired opposite Kritika who plays Prateeksha.

A source informs, “Initially Shashank was paired with Araina but Araina’s sister Sumo falls in love with him. Araina sacrifices her love for her sister and asks him to get married to her. But finally it would be Shashank and Araina who would get married and this is how the story was planned”.

The source adds, “Balaji was hunting for a male lead opposite Kritika and in the meantime they introduced a love triangle between Sumo, Shashank and Prateeksha. Shashank got engaged to Sumo and even Prateeksha’s parents have found a suitable groom for her. But Shashank is in love with Prateeksha and he is not happy with the fact that he is getting married to Sumo”.

This love triangle has become a hit and the ratings of the show have also shown a positive change. The makers have now planned to pair Shashank and Prateeksha together and Sumeet Sachdev has stepped in to play Araina’s love interest.

When contacted Vivan confirmed the news and said, “Yes I will be paired with Kritika now and the track is headed that way. I was finalized to play Araina’s love interest, but now I am paired opposite Kritika. This is decided by the creative people and they know best”.

Elaborating more on the upcoming track he says, “Prateeksha has now moved in my office and she will make me release that beauty is more than skin deep. She will bring in many changes in me and even I will help her realise that there is more to life than just working and saving money. There are many interesting twists and turns but for that you will have to watch the show”.

We tried calling, Creative Head, Vikas Goopta but he remained unavailable.

We hope Araina too manages to create the same magic as Shashank and Prateeksha and they keep their loyal viewers glued to their show.

Interview From : Unknown

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Vivan Bhatena, lead of Pyaar Ka Bandhan..

Vivan Bhatena will play the guy in the life of the youngest of the four siblings, Aaraina aka Lavanya Tripathi in Sony’s Pyaar Ka Bandhan…

Vivan Bhatena who was last seen in Zee TV’s Maayka will now be part of Balaji Telefilms’ Pyaar Ka Bandhan on Sony Entertainment Television..

According to our source, “Vivan Bhatena will essay the male lead’s role and will be the guy in the life of Aaraina (Lavanya Tripathi), who is the youngest of the four siblings.

When contacted, Vivan Bhatena confirms the news and says, “Yes, I started shooting for Pyaar Ka Bandhan from yesterday. My screen name is Shashank, and he is a family friend of the Punjabi family who has adopted Aaraina Rai. He is a close friend of Aaraina, who will later go on to be the love of her life”.

Elaborating on his character, Vivan states, “I am a complete brat, who never takes things seriously. Basically, he is a person who has never taken any decisions for himself, and is reluctant to grow up in life. His character is very similar to Ranbir Kapoor’s character in the movie Wake Up Sid”.

Pyaar Ka Bandhan showed a leap of sixteen years in yesterday’s episode, and tonight’s episode will see the entry of Vivan Bhatena…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh
Interview From : India Forum

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Kritika Kamra back with Sony’s Pyaar Ka Bandhan..

Kritika Kamra of Kitani Mohabbat Hai fame has been finalized to play one of the siblings in Sony’s Pyaar Ka Bandhan…

We had earlier reported that Kritika Kamra had been approached to play one of the siblings in Balaji Telefilms’ new show on Sony, Pyaar Ka Bandhan. She had also been offered the other Ekta show on Sony, Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai, but things did not work out for the actress.

The latest on this is that Kritika Kamra has been finalized to play one of the siblings in Pyaar Ka Bandhan. And as reported earlier, Mahesh Shetty will be playing the eldest of the siblings.

According to our source, “Kritika Kamra will play Prateeksha in the show. Mahesh Shetty essays the role of Milind while Lavanya Tripathi, of Channel [v]’s Get Gorgeous fame will play the youngest of the siblings, Aaraina, the main lead of Pyaa Ka Bandhan. The actor to play the role of Chotu aka Aziz has not been finalized yet”.

Kritika Kamra confirmed the news, and said, “Yes, I am playing Prateeksha in the show. I am cutting short my vacation, and am getting back to Mumbai very soon to be part of the promotional activities”.

We called Mahesh Shetty who is right now out of Mumbai, busy shooting for his other new show on Sahara One Agnisakshi, and he said, “I have been busy with my shoot for the Sahara One show. I will have to get back to you once I reach Mumbai and have a word with them”.

Pyaar Ka Bandhan airs from Monday to Thursday at the 10. 30 PM slot on Sony. The show is expected to take a leap in the coming week.

Reporter : Srividya Rajesh, Susan Jose
Author : Srividya Rajesh
Interview From : India Forum

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