Vivan elated with a good show in racing…

Vivan Bhatena seems to be one of those extreme types, when it comes to getting an adrenaline rush. What’s more, his passion seems to be paying off…

Vivan Bhatena is a self–confessed mush when it comes to car–races. He is totally elated as he is the first runner-up in the Hyderabad car-race that took place on the 26th of last month.

Vivan happily tells us, “I’ve been racing for the past five to six years. I’ve always been a racing aficionado. However, initially I didn’t have the proper resource. I had all the enthusiasm and skill but lacked a good sports car.”

But thankfully, Vivan’s resources got a good upgrade. “I got a good car this time. A Honda Civic fully tuned and modified for drag races, and I was declared the first runner-up in the race that was recently held in Hyderabad. You see, I also have my own garage that specializes in enhancing performance for motor sports,” he says.

Wait a minute you said drag race? “Yes, its like the car races that you get to see in movies like Fast and Furious,” Vivan enthuses.

Huh? Don’t tell us it’s illegal! “No no, it’s all legal. You need to get a proper racing license. There’s formal registration and all. It’s all very open and clean,” Vivan hurriedly explains.

Guess then we all can relax and toast one for Vivan!

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Vivaan replaces Angad Bedi

Bindass’ controversial show Emotional Atyachaar will now have a new host. Popular TV actor Vivaan replaces Angad Bedi, who’s headed to the Indian Premier League.

Bhatena confirms the news, “Angad had to leave because of his IPL commitments thus I’ll now be taking over as the host. I’ve already shot for one episode.”

A TV actor usually enjoys a good image with his/her fans. Hosting such a controversial show may tarnish this image.

“Yes, that thought does exist but let’s not forget it’s these suspecting individuals who have asked us to spy on their partner. As a host, you’re walking on tight rope and your primary task is to ensure that tempers don’t flare. These are very delicate situations and thus one has to ensure that no one is deeply hurt,” said Bhatena

Sting operations are a risky process and often backfire on its conductors. Such practices are considered immoral.

“Well, guess that is for Bindass to look after. I’m just doing my job. I’m sure the channel knows how to protect its interests. As for the morality aspect, intruding into people’s private life, especially girls, isn’t right but we’ve taken care to hide one’s identity in most cases. Such practice helps in cases of arrange marriage. In one of the episodes, a girl was saved after she came to know the sexcapades of her fianc. Fortunately, here we managed to save not just one but four girls from being cheated,” the actor replies.

Bhatena is married for the last two years and surprisingly his wife is thrilled to see him host Emotional Ataychaar.

“Before I got the offer, she would often joke how she wants to conduct a sting operation on me. My wife is a regular viewer of this show. She can’t wait to see me in the show,” concludes the actor.

Reporter and Author: Mayur Lookhar
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Vivan spoils Kritika’s brand new car..!

So did Kritika become a victim to Vivan’s naughty prank and what was her reaction when she saw her brand new car in bad condition?

The cast of Sony channel show ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’ is having a gala time on sets making fun of each other. This surely would make their work great fun, as the story goes that actor Vivan Bhatena (Shashank) played a silly prank on beautiful Kritika Kamra (Prateeksha), read on to know more.

The handsome Vivan made Kritika’s heart skip a beat when he spoilt her newly acquired Hyundai i20, Vivan shares, “Kritika has bought an i20 car and on the very first day she brought it on sets I sprayed a harmless car polish on her car. It was a white color spray and I told her that a bucket full of paint has spilled on her car.”

So did Kritika become a victim to Vivan’s naughty prank and what was her reaction when she saw her brand new car in bad condition?

“She came out running to see her car and started yelling and asking how did it happen? She called her boyfriend Karan who was shooting for ‘Bayttab….’ nearby and we were laughing our heart out. Then finally we told her and she was relived but she kept cursing me all the time,” laughs Vivan.

So, pretty Kritika was fooled by Vivan but he had to get his dose of curses once Kritika got to know about the prank. Well, good clean fun always healthy at work, what say Kritika?

Reporter and Author: Chandana H Buch
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Will Prateeksha end her Life

”Prateeksha will come face-to-face with Shashank at a point of time when there will be major complications in their life,” – Kritika

Now with the leap there are deliberations on whether Prateeksha (Kritika Kamra) will live to see the future of her siblings.

Well, there is nothing much to worry about Prateeksha’s role in the coming episodes. In today’s episode, which is the last one before leap, Prateeksha will be shown extremely depressed, “Prateeksha will blame herself for all the wrongs in everyone’s life. She will become weak and therefore will try to end her life,” informs Kritika Kamra.

So, what changes are about to make the serial interesting? Kritika informs, “There is a word around that my character will become powerful after the leap which is not entirely true. In fact, Prateeksha will come out as a stronger person; she will be more balanced emotionally.”

“I am shown as an emotional fool, but after the leap I’ll be much stronger emotionally and little better in my status,” she continues in the same breath.

So, are there any chances of Prateeksha meeting Shashank after the leap since, he is already in London. “There will be major changes in Prateeksha and Milind’s life. All four siblings will be in different cities but Prateeksha will come face-to-face with Shashank at a point of time when there will be major complications in their life,” shares Kritika.

Looks like ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’ is all set to surprise its viewers with fresh twists and turns after the leap.

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Karthick Calling Karthick

“I don’t have a big role in the film,” says Vivaan modestly, “It’s only till the intermission. But I am playing Deepika’s collegue, who is also in love with Deepika but she is in love with Karthick.”

“I am thankful to Farhan who approached me for this role,” Vivaan said, “It was fun working with Farhan and Deepika. But I really enjoyed working with Ram Kapoor who is playing an important character in the film. I have few scenes with him. Working with such actors gives you a chance to grow in your life.” Vivaan was earlier seen in Chak De India too.

Right now he is busy with his upcoming television show Pyaar Ka Bandhan.

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I’m Attracted to the Visual Side of Life

Television actor Vivan Bhathena cracks up each time he sees the evergreen sitcom Friends; but when it comes to heavy-duty action, the American espionage show 24 gets his adrenalin rushing.

Joey Tribbiani is his favourite character who makes a complete ass of himself but is nevertheless endearing. “I know every dialogue from all the 10 seasons of Friends!” he says with a chuckle, making him eligible for an outstanding award in ‘Friends-nomics’!
“I appreciate an actor who improvises and adopts bits of his own personality into the character that he is playing,” adds Vivan.

It’s also interesting to note that the guy has a collection of around 3,000 DVDs and his folks have banned him from buying any more for want of space! “I’ve always been attracted to the visual side of life and movies are my passion.”

Among books, he picks Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, the Races by Brock Yates as an inspiring read. Could that be because he himself is a self-confessed lover of cars? The book recounts the hardships that Ferrari had to go through to make his cars into a brand that has become iconic today.

It’s not only cerebral stuff that he likes reading but also fantasy novels such as The Lord of the Rings “because I am fascinated with that age and time”.

Catch Vivan Bhathena back with his favourite production house, Balaji Telefilms, after almost five years. He plays the lead in the serial Pyaar ka Bandhan currently showing on Sony at 10.30pm.

Reporter and Author: Marina Correa
Interview From: DNA

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Telly Tadka Interview 01


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